Services: Accounting

Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

Accounting is the tool that helps you know where your business stands financially.  We offer the accounting services most often needed by business and individuals to aid them in decision making, banking relations, and tax compliance.  We can assist you in setting up internal systems to deliver accurate and useful financial information.   We take great care in the work we do and the financial statements we issue.  We are required to issue a signed accountants’ report with all financial statements that we prepare.  Rest assured that the financial statements are accurate before we sign our name on that report.

We offer the following services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis:

·        Compilation and review of financial statements

·       Oversight and review of bookkeeping and payroll services

·        Implementation and improvement of accounting system

·         Prepare monthly adjusting journal entries

·         Prepare and update depreciation schedules

·         Prepare monthly cash receipts, cash disbursements, and payroll journals

·         Prepare monthly general ledger detailing all activity by account

·         Preparation of customized schedules and reports

Bookkeeping Services

Proper bookkeeping is essential to providing timely and accurate financial statements. 

Our bookkeeping services include:

·         Semi-monthly pickup of invoices that have been approved for payment

·         Semi-monthly check writing

·         Semi-monthly delivery of check and paid invoices

·         Account coding of checks and input into accounting system

·         Record payroll transactions

·         Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts

Payroll Services

Payroll may very well be the biggest hassle facing most businesses.  There are strict payroll tax deposit requirements and complicated filing requirements.  Most penalties paid by businesses are due to failure to do something correctly in this area. 

Our payroll services include:

·         Calculating payroll checks and deductions

·         Writing of payroll checks

·         Year-to-date information on employee check stubs

·         Comprehensive payroll reports

·         Timely payment of all payroll tax deposits

·          Prepare all federal and state payroll tax returns

·          Preparation of employee’s Form W-2s